We are a young group of Vietnamese Americans who want to spread the forever-growing awareness of our rich Vietnamese culture to the world. What better way to do that than on tshirts, on which people everywhere see and wear everyday? Through our great tee shirt designs, we hope to show everyone the evolving presence of a generation of modern youth who love their old Viet background yet struggling to understand and cope with it in their daily lives. What ever the message, we are shouting to our fellow Viets - as well as welcoming other ethnic peers - to embrace our roots and never let go.

VietTee is a movement! Embrace us!

VietTee.com was created on April 19th 2007 and went live on November 1st 2010 with 3 original designs. Our staff consists of talented artists, graphic and fashion designers, marketing consultants and models from all over the world.

Be a part of us! Join our cause!

VietTee, LLC.

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